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Performance by Begoña Castro
Video: The collection
Ocean Collection Taller COP 25
World Day of the Oceans,,es,CIFAL MALAGA,,es,?post_type=portfolios&p=2783,,en - CIFAL MALAGA
Sevilla ODS,,es,The Box,,en,?post_type=gallery&p=2702,,en - Fashion Art EU
INTROSPECTIF with Benicio del Toro,,es,introspectif with benicio del toro,,es
Fashion Film Save The Posidonia
Fashion Film Save the Posidonia,en
Fashion Film Paraguay
Fashion Art Show opens in Cuba
Fashion Art EU at MEAM
Fashion Art Film - Patricia Gloum
Fashion Art Film by Patricia Gloum
Cecilia Sikstrom from Sweden
Fashion Art Film By Patricia Gloum
Dreams in Puerto Rico
Making Of Puerto Rico
Dancing by Luís Malibran
Ken Lambert - Ireland
Pasta Oner - Czech
Phil Akashi - Belgium
Making of Photo Shooting FASHION ART EU